About us

Ever wondered a way to significantly earn money when you shop around restaurants ,groceries and household goods?

EarnUmart is an online shopping app that can earn money while you shop.  This shopping tool partners with  brands and retailers to offer discounts or cashback when you shop. EarnUmart has a connected network consisting of restaurants,wholesalers , groceries, etc.These online retailers give a small commission to the firm while you shop from them.EarnUmart app converts the commission to get money back and cash out this accumulated amount in the form of gift cards, points, or even cash.

EarnUmart can be accessed directly through your web browser, and we have also established Android and iOS apps so that things could be a bit more convenient.

Customers get paid for each purchase depending on the amount spent and commission received from the vendor , this same amount will be transferred as points to the customer and the one who referred them , as the income received each time varies depending on the number of referrals made by each customer.